Browsin’ like it’s 2000

Argh… Firefox has been pretty darn stable for me overall…

Argh… Firefox has been pretty darn stable for me overall, and I’m pretty loose with extensions, and will install a new one if it sounds useful, but lately I’ve have all these quits.

The nice thing about these quits are that I can see them coming. Actuall, I can hear them coming, because my hard drive starts getting loud, Firefox slows down, and then I’m alerted that Firefox has quit. Sometimes I even get to finish reading a page before it quits, so that’s nice…

Looking at the Talkback history though, I see this:

Date Quits
2005-05-06 1
2005-05-09 2
2005-05-10 3
2005-05-11 4
2005-05-12 1 (and counting…)

In theory, Firefox should quit on me 4 more times today. This might not happen as I’ve got a short day today, and if I actually get around to installing Firefox 1.0.4 perhaps all this badness will go away…

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