A Large Properly-Formatted Data File

Have No Fear of a Bot Planet… (Kill All Humans!!!)

Is it any wonder that last night’s episode of Futurama (Fear of a Bot Planet) was my favorite?

As someone who deals with data files on an almost daily basis I can appreciate a “large properly-formatted data file” (though sometimes they are improperly formatted, which makes me sad and causes robots everywhere to leak coolant at an alarming rate.)

Oh yeah, so where was I? “Large properly-formatted data files” right. See, a mere 6 hours after the episode (at the inhuman hour of 4 AM) I was working with large properly-formatted data files (my favorite kind) and databases, and diffs, and greps, and perls, and sqls and… I just realized, I think I’m a robot. I mean, I was pretty sure I was a pirate, but I might be a robot, which is ok, because I can still live on Robot Pirate Island.

Anyway, I’m off to plan my Robanukah party!

(Note: Order more lugnuts.)

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Yeah, my favorite was trying to parse a data file that was double-quote and comma delimited. Sounds fine, except there was no edit/masking/filtering on the fields in the data entry form, so anyone could enter anything, including any combination of qoutes and commas *in the fields*. I mean, what the f*ck am I supposed to do with that? Sheesh. ;)

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