The Bands of the Futures

Wired tells us that Bands Embrace Social Networking, which, um, isn’t really news…

Wired tells us that Bands Embrace Social Networking, which, um, isn’t really news, as bands have been doing this forever, the just use computers/internet nowadays to do it… (Maybe it should have said “Social Networking Web Sites”)

Traditionally, bands toured cities and played dive bars to create buzz about their music. But with MySpace, bands can host demos of their songs, announce shows and connect with fans without spending weeks on the road.

Well, in my day, bands got promoted by word of mouth, zines, touring, demos, self-released vinyl, the occasional local college radio station, etc… The funny thing about the “without spending weeks on the road” bit is that the majority of bands I saw in the 1990’s were a bunch of guys (or girls!) who were friends, and loved playing music, and managed to get enough shows to do a tour. The tour was usually a “break even” event (if that) where the shows would cover gas, and some food, while most meals and lodging was provided by promoters, or other bands, or just “cool people” you’d meet on the road… I remember hearing at least one band saying they were basically “on vacation driving across the US, playing shows along the way…”

I planned the Trademark tour, and it was a pain involving writing letters, sending out tapes, making phone calls… lather, rinse, repeat… With today’s tools and the internet handy, I can’t even imagine how much easier/more of a pleasure it would be to promote your band and book a tour. (Remember punkcasting?)

Hmmm, what was my point? Did I have one? Oh, it must be that technology, computers, and the internets make things easier, and improve the lives of all who use them. (Yeah, that sounds good to me!)