Apple + Intel = Yawn…

What has come over me? The Mac Fanatics will revoke my card for sure!

What has come over me? The Mac Fanatics will revoke my card for sure! Heck, I even agree with Dave

I’ve been using computers made by Apple since the early 1980’s so maybe I’m just worn out on it all, or maybe the internets have caused it, but I just can’t get worked up about Apple using processors manufactured by Intel. I’ve seen Apple switch from the Apple ][ to the Mac, and from 68xxx to PPC, and SCSI to IDE and beige to colors and back to white and metal and on and on…

Is it any wonder Steve works at Apple and Pixar? If Microsoft is (or was) a marketing company, then Apple is some sort of performance piece that Steve Jobs is slowly feeding us… And I’m ok with that.

How does this all affect me? After a recent chat with my Mac advisor Mr. Barrett, he pretty much convinced me that a processor upgrade for my current Mac might be a better idea than replacing it. (It’s coming up on it’s fourth birthday, which in the Mac world means you start looking to replace it.) Hmmm, maybe in the future they’ll have processor upgrades with Intel chips on them…

Looks, it’s simple, I’m a Mac user. I want one thing. (Ok, two things…) All Steve has to do at the keynote is come out and say something like this:

Blah, blah, blah, blah… Faster Macs… Blah, blah, blah, blah… Cheaper Macs!

Cue the applause from Mac users everywhere, take a bow, exit stage left, thank you and goodnight.

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You forgot NuBus to PCI. ;) Two or three years out, I think this switch will prove to be a very good thing. Faster Macs (for people like you) and easier Virtual PC (I expect to see VMWare join in) for us Windows users who would actually rather run both. Thought they would have gone with AMD tho. Whatever.

Oh yeah, I definitely think it will be good in the long run for all involved (except IBM!) I do use Virtual PC and I’d trade it in a minute for actual Apple hardware that could run Windows for those rare occasions it’s needed. As for AMD, that’s what I had predicted as well, but I suppose Apple doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

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