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Hmm, ah, yes… Seems I’ve been asked to write about books…

Hmm, ah, yes… Seems I’ve been asked to write about books, which is so oddly appropriate that you don’t even know. Well, one person knows. On to the thingy:

On the shelf: Well, as far as an actual shelf, there is one at work, and it’s got maybe 20 books on it, all computer programming books and software manuals. Besides that there are boxes and boxes of books at home, probably over 100. If you count children’s books, then maybe over 200. If you count comic books, then maybe over 300. Or maybe I’m way off and it’s more like 100 total. (I don’t count ’em, I just move ’em every few years…)

Last purchase: I bought an empty notebook recently. Other than that, probably iMovie3 & iDVD: The Missing Manual, which I got used for less than 5 bucks.

Last 5 read:

  1. An untitled art book I made many years ago. It consists of various collages done in a variety of media. Only one copy exists and it’s at my house.
  2. An alphabet book I made many years ago. It consists of 26 pages, one for each letter of the English alphabet (or is it the Latin alphabet) combined with photos from a 1950’s textbook on driver’s education. Again, a one of a kind book.
  3. I started reading Watchmen (again) last month…
  4. Perl Cookbook
  5. Various manuals for appliances, electronic devices, and othr things I own or use…

Ah! Also, someone read a book to me last week… A Really Super Book About Squirrels Does that count?

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Oh Phil, all that spec reading has gone to your head. When creating an art book, one does not go literal, one goes abstract. The page for the letter ‘p’ has a young man behind the wheel (a ‘person’ I suppose) and an old car, which might be a Packard (or possibly a Studebaker.)

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