8 is Great

8 years of this… why why why!?

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, So I love eight, Eight is great, Eight is the number I do not…”

Ah, let’s look back shall we, all the way back to August 5th, 1997. (Whoops! Really gotta migrate that old content.) Ok, while it’s not exactly pretty, it’s still there. Still online and accessible… 8 years later. 8 freakin’ years of weblogging. 1997 folks, before the term weblogs or blogs were even really used or applied to what it was we were doing… Before Blogger. Before Movable Type. Before WordPress… Back when dinosaurs roamed… I mean, back when you could count the number of webloggers on your fingers and toes…

Luckily I’ve been able to avoid the commercial success many webloggers have enjoyed. While many of the old-timers are enjoying their retirement on their yatchs, I continue to struggle to pay the bills and keep rice on the table. (So we go on…)

Oh sure, I got involved early enough, even jumped into that podcasting thing before it took off and managed to earn the title ‘pioneer’ (which incidentally, does not come with a cash prize) and today I’m playing with videoblogs… What’s next? Who knows? I might, but I’m not telling you!

Uh? So where was I? That’s my problem, always rambling… Anyway, it’s been eight years of weblogging for us here at RasterWeb! and so far we see no reason to stop. In fact, this might be the first post of many which examines why I say that… It ain’t about fame, or fortune, or any of that superficial monetary crap. Others do that stuff quite well, I’m after something else…

Stay tuned folks!