DVD at Last!

Quite a while ago I ordered a DVD drive for my old PowerMac G4…

Quite a while ago I ordered a DVD drive for my old PowerMac G4, and after sitting in a box for roughly two months, I finally installed it. (It was the drive sitting in a box, not me.)

SpongeBob and Patrick

What’s that now? A screenshot of a DVD playing on my Mac? But how? I remember telling my cousin years ago that Apple’s DVD Player application prevented you from taking screenshots, but there were some 3rd-party apps that could probably do it. Much to my surprise, none was needed! I’m still using 10.3.x but the following worked for me:

screencapture ~/Desktop/dvd.pdf

And bango! A PDF on the desktop. It’s the whole screen, not just the DVD being displayed, but it’s a start… (I probably got the idea from, as there are many other capture suggestions there as well.)

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Russell closed his comments, but he says "I don’t use iMovie. It’d be nice if I did, but it’s not a plus as I don’t have a DVD burner, and if I wanted to buy one, it’d cost me a ton."

Well, I’m not sure what “a ton” is to Russell, but you can get Genuine Apple SuperDrives for what I think is a reasonable price…

Oh, and you can get along just fine using iMovie for videoblogging and never even burn a DVD… ;)

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