Phone Troubles

I’ve been pretty happy with my Nokia 7610… Except for…

I’ve been pretty happy with my Nokia 7610, there are a few quirks, but nothing too annoying, and truth be told, I use it more as a camera and PDA than for voice calls…

After about 5 months, the SIM went bad and it just stopped working. Cingular sold me a new one for 5 bucks, which was just slightly annoying since I think it should have been free. Still, it was about 5 minutes and 5 dollars, so not too bad, though it could have been more annoying if I had really needed to make or receive a call.

Then just the other day the memory card (and RS-MMC) became corrupted. This was a little more annoying because I lost some photos, and my applications, and the ringtones I created. I removed and re-installed the card, and tried it in my Mac, but no luck.

Losing the applications and ringtones doesn’t matter too much, I can easily reload from my Mac, but losing the photos kind of sucks… Since I did not have another RS-MMC card lying around I had to order one, the good news is that I had a 64mb card, but will soon have a 128mb card. The bad news is that I have wait about a week for the damn thing to get shipped to me.

I still have a love/hate relationship with these phones…

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