Down with YouTube!

Finally! People are starting to dislike YouTube: YouTube sees user rebellion…

Finally! People are starting to dislike YouTube: YouTube sees user rebellion.

Thanks to sites like Freevlog, Ourmedia, and others, it’s easy to put your own video online. You don’t need to rely on some dodgy company that made it’s name violating copyright. I mean, if YouTube doesn’t respect the rights of media creators and owners with teams of lawyers behind them, what makes you think they are going to respect you?

If you are interested in putting video you’ve created online in a blog-like format, you should check out the Yahoo! Videoblogging Group. If you are just interested in distributing video which you did not create, and which you have no rights to distribute, then I can’t really help you with that.

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I agree on Youtube needing to comply with copyright laws, but as much as I have liked and found easy to put some videos on youtube, I’ve now been struggling HOURS and HOURS to get any media published on ourmedia. Ourmedia is badly structured, illogical and not user friendly. besides that it is very very slow.

David, I wish I could argue with you more about Ourmedia, but the truth is, they are spotty. In their defense, it is a non-profit/volunteer organization, so they’re doing the best they can with what they’ve got. There’s no VC money to throw at their problems, so we all get stuck with the growing pains. The last 5 videos I uploaded (all under 5mb) required two attempts, though I’ve had much better luck uploading late at night or early morning in the past. I’m a believer in what Ourmedia is doing, so I’m willing to give them a second (or third) chance.

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