Sphere Evaluation

Sphere Evaluation, it ain’t pretty. Unless you like 1996 and “New Windows With Every Link!” mentality…

I decided to evaluate Sphere, the new the blog search engine. Here are the results.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in “rasterweb”
  3. Click “search”
  4. Get results

So far, so good… Well, not really “good” as in “good results” but it works so far.

Next I decided to click on a result. What? Are you freakin’ kidding me? The link opens a new window? Right. Of course! I mean, users might leave your site (which happens to be a search engine) so make sure you open any links in a new window. Seriously, I’ll try Sphere again when they strip out all the target="_blank"‘s from their code…

If you’ve got a cluestick and some spare time, stop by the Sphere offices and explain it to them…

(Huh? Adaptive Path was involved with this? What’s up with that?)

3 replies on “Sphere Evaluation”

Just a question Pete, not a criticism because I agee with you here, but isn’t there a Firefox that will force all target blanks to open in the same window? Think I remember something that would do that.

TDavid, yes I believe there is, which is a good solution for tech savvy folks who use Firefox and are comfortable installing extensions. The user experience for the people not within that group will suffer though…

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