OpenLaszlo… Finally, a legitimate use for Tomcat…

OpenLaszlo… Finally, a legitimate use for Tomcat…

I was just yesterday I talked about my Flash issues, and later that night at the October Milwaukee Web Design Meetup our pal Justin did a demo of OpenLaszlo.

I had heard of OpenLaszlo before, but didn’t quite get what it was. Luckily a quick demo and a few questions was all it took to see that it could be a useful tool.

By the way, the October Meetup was at C2, but the November Meetup will be at Z2. (How’s that for confusing?)

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My question is this: how hard is it to get that on a common shared host.
If I can’t do that, then… I don’t really see a good use for it. I know I could dev it and then export it as flash, but I see the real use of it being dynamic.

Of of the reasons PHP got so popular is that every hosting company installed it. With Java/Tomcat, it’s more of an enterprise thing, and you just don’t find it with regular shared hosting accounts. If you have a VPS, you can certainly install Tomcat, or OpenLaszlo, but it’s like Zope, specialized hosting is where you need to look. Isn’t Ruby sort of similar? (Though I’m sure Ruby is gaining traction much better than Tomcat.)

Yes, Ruby is similar. But a majority of popular shared hosts have jumped on the bandwagon. And I think the important factor is cost. I can get a server with Ruby on Rails and PHP for the same price as a normal shared host. The same is not the same with a Laszlo server or VPS.

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