Hackathon: Krugle

Krugle is a search engine for code…

Krugle is a search engine for code. Ken Krugler (the guy behind Krugle) gave a talk at the Chicago Perl Hackathon about about it, and was looking for feedback and suggestions on how to improve it.

Here are a few interesting points from his talk:

  • Krugle has 20 million source files, which is about 1 billion lines of code
  • Much of the code is sucked down from repositories and cached locally to allow for their browsing interface
  • Sponsored results will always be separate from search results
  • Krugle is not affiliated with Google (Yes, they got a letter…)
  • Krugle will always compliment existing communities, and not diminish the value of those communities
  • Krugle is build on open-source, the UI is theirs, eventually they will add API‘s to allow you to take you data with you

Ken Krugler And of course, there’s the question of the business model. Ken said they’ve gotten some money from VC‘s, they also show sponsored ads, they’ve got a developer programs, and are working on an enterprise product.

Oh, they’ve also got a blog, like any new company should…