Ted Leo and The Pharmacists

We saw Ted Leo and the Pharmacists last weekend at the Metro in Chicago, and it was awesome. Awesome times ten. (Here’s a terrible shot from my phone. Flickr has some way better photos from others.)

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

If you’ve seen my profile you should know Ted Leo is at the top of my list. I like Ted Leo for a number of reasons, musically, politically, and personally. We’re about the same age, and got started in the same music scene at about the same time. Of course nowadays I just type commands in the terminal, and Ted rocks out like nobody’s business. I’m glad I made it to this show, as I meant to see him in 2005 but missed it due to unreliable transportation issues.

I sort of consider Ted Leo the modern-day Joe Strummer. He even played “Johnny Appleseed” in the middle of the show, while the drummer was busy moving stuff around. Of course, The Clash is also in my top 5 bands of all time list, so this was equally awesome. Seriously, I think he should just be called Ted “Awesome” Leo. (Am I gushing? I really don’t do that too often.)

For a taste of Ted Leo live, check the Internet Archive, or NPR for a show from 2007.


Hackathon: Summary…

Well, I myself didn’t do a ton of Perl hacking, at least in comparison to others in the room. (I did manage to fix up a bunch of my Perl-related bits and pieces for jEdit though.) Here’s a progress report from right before dinner.

Chicago Perl Hackathon Chicago Perl Hackathon Chicago Perl Hackathon Chicago Perl Hackathon

Perl::Critic was worked on, they wrote new policies and also added two new committers to the project. The Perl::Critic guys also talked with Ken from Krugle quite a bit…

The folks working on Parrot fixed a lot of tests, and, and did a lot of general code cleaning. They also improved the Tcl compiler, checked in Forth, and introduced a bunch of new people to the project.

Pete Krawczyk did some work on the long-neglected HTML::Tree, making many miscellaneous fixes and improving Unicode support.

Andy Lester made updates to ack. He said his goal is to introduce more of the general public to ack, and make it so that people don’t even realize it’s Perl-based. He wants it to be something people can just drop into their ~/bin directory and use.

There was some work done on Jifty to make it work without requiring a database. Jifty is a RoR-like framework written in Perl (even if they don’t like it described like that.)

That’s it for me… Plenty of Perl folks will be here until tomorrow working on moving their projects forward, but I’m outta here. Thanks to The Perl Foundation for making it happen.


Hackathon: Krugle

Krugle is a search engine for code. Ken Krugler (the guy behind Krugle) gave a talk at the Chicago Perl Hackathon about about it, and was looking for feedback and suggestions on how to improve it.

Here are a few interesting points from his talk:

  • Krugle has 20 million source files, which is about 1 billion lines of code
  • Much of the code is sucked down from repositories and cached locally to allow for their browsing interface
  • Sponsored results will always be separate from search results
  • Krugle is not affiliated with Google (Yes, they got a letter…)
  • Krugle will always compliment existing communities, and not diminish the value of those communities
  • Krugle is build on open-source, the UI is theirs, eventually they will add API‘s to allow you to take you data with you

Ken Krugler And of course, there’s the question of the business model. Ken said they’ve gotten some money from VC‘s, they also show sponsored ads, they’ve got a developer programs, and are working on an enterprise product.

Oh, they’ve also got a blog, like any new company should…


Hackathon: Parrot

What the heck is Parrot? Parrot is:

Parrot is a virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and execute bytecode for interpreted languages. Parrot will be the target for the final Perl 6 compiler…as well as variety of other languages.

I just talked to chromatic about Parrot. He’s just one of a whole bunch of Perl folks at the Chicago Perl Hackathon working on getting a Parrot release out.

Chicago Perl Hackathon Hacking the Parrot Chicago Perl Hackathon Chicago Perl Hackathon


Hackathon: Perl::Critic

Chris Dolan
I’m at the Chicago Perl Hackathon right now. I just talked to Chris Dolan about Perl::Critic, which is “an extensible framework for creating and applying coding standards to Perl source code…”

They’re working on writing policies right now, so you can choose what tests to run against your code.

It’s beyond my coding skills, but it looks like an interesting project. Hopefully they’ll make some good progress this weekend.