Fact: Kids love nunchucks!

Fact: Kids love nunchucks! Sure, some kids are into swords or maybe even throwing stars, but all kids love nunchucks…

Now you’re saying “Hold on there Mr. Maniac! Nunchucks ain’t safe!” To which I say, you just need to make them safe. Oh sure, you could just go out an buy Rubber Foam Nunchucks from, but what fun is that? Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your children making your own (safe) nunchucks? Of course you would! What parent wouldn’t?

Nunchucks Nunchucks

We can easily assemble kid-safe nunchucks out of some old cardboard tubes and some cord. The trickiest part is just tying the knot. Once you’ve got two pair put together, you’re ready for battle – I mean FUN! Let the kids solve their differences the way they do in kung-fu movies. Or get in on the game, and show the kids who the real martial arts master in the family is. These kid-safe nunchucks are just the answer to the often asked question: “How can I beat my sibling without hurting them too badly?”

(Disclaimer: Don’t be an idiot and hurt yourself or someone else…)

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Those are so not going to work with Wii.

We were just discussing nunchucks over lunch the other day. It was decided that the benchmark for claiming to be a nunchuck expert was being able to use them without hitting yourself. We also wondered why nunchucks were still illegal, yet guns were perfectly ok, at which point I made the comment that you hardly ever hear stories of nunchucks going off when people are cleaning them.

And to think I almost wrote my Wii post right after I posted this… Nunchucks are illegal? So should I try walking around town with these? Do you think I could bring them on an airplane?

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