Noodles Roodles!

I’m sending out a big Thank You to Noodles & Company, and Joe Bath specifically…

I’m sending out a big Thank You to Noodles & Company, and Joe Bath specifically…

You see, my story starts last year, when I started throwing my business card into the “Win a Free Lunch!” bowls I would see at local restaurants. To my surprise I actually won a few free lunches. Most of these were “sponsored” by financial advisers who were looking for clients. (Of course, if you’re trying to win a free lunch, what is the chance you actually have any money!) I went to one free lunch which involved myself and two friends listening to someone tell us about their services, and then filling out a form, and then they bought us lunch. Nice.

Noodles & Company But this one… it was different. I got an email from Joe telling me I had won a free “tasting experience” and that I should tell him when I wanted to do it. I figured Saturday would be good, and it would feed Dana, myself, and the kids. When we got there, Joe had a table all set up for us, and we were treated like guests of honor! He then walked through what would happen, and quickly brought out some salads and bread. (The kids asked me if there would be more than just salad, and I told them to be patient.)

Joe then brought out about 4 different dishes (one being Mac & Cheese for the kids.) We samples the dishes and refilled out drinks, and it was all pretty good. I really liked the Penne Rosa, and Dana liked the Whole Grain Tuscan Fettucine. After that the kids said they were full, but Joe said we should pick something from the menu, I choose the Pasta Fresca and Dana had the Mushroom Stroganoff. Neither of us could finish it, as we were both full. Of course there was dessert, which Joe even boxed up for us after the kids tried their best to dispose of it.

So to get to the point, there issuch a thing as a free lunch. Joe and the folks at the Delafield Noodles & Company really showed that they love what they do. (We were so stuffed, we didn’t even eat dinner that night!)

So once again, thanks Joe, and the staff of Noodles & Company for a great lunch.

(As I was telling this story to a co-worker, he mentioned that he too was impressed by Joe in previous visits to Noodles & Company. Joe gets it – people really appreciate good service, and remember you for it.)

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