Citizen Blogging Summit

Somehow I got roped into participating in this Citizen Blogging Summit (or “Citizen Blogger Summit”) which is taking place Friday, June 15th, 2007.

Citizen Blogger Summit

Maybe Newsradio 620 WTMJ will learn a little about blogging, you know, things like permalinks, or even linking to the bloggers you invite, instead of just putting their domain in plain text.

I’m really not sure what to expect. Mike Rohde and I are on the 2:25-3:10 Panel, Beyond Politics, Beyond Milwaukee. I’m guessing we are the ‘tech bloggers’ or maybe the token ‘non-political’ bloggers. Anyway, I’ll just prepare for this the same way I prepare for BarCamp or Web414 presentations, wait until the last minute, attempt to do nothing, then embrace the chaos.

The event is free, and includes lunch (which I will miss since I can’t be there all day) and I’m reasonably sure it will be interesting. I’m also reasonably sure I’ll be the person there who has been blogging for the longest time, unless Dave Winer shows up. :)

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I wonder if this will be recorded for later broadcast and/or podcast. I heard that TMJ is doing on location stuff at Lakefront Festival of the Arts on Friday, so that leads me to believe it will be recorded and not live broadcast.

I’ll email TMJ and see what they say.

It ought to be interesting either way. :-)

Videotaped? Podcasting? Perpetuity? What are these strange words you speak? How could a person blogging since 1997, who participated in the birth of podcasting, and started a videoblog years ago have any idea what you are talking about? :)

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