National Novel Writing

I wrote a Perl script to write a novel for National Novel Writing Month…

So last year, during MilwaukeeDevHouse3 I gave old pal Boone a bit of guff as he was doing some writing for National Novel Writing Month and I told him I would just write a Perl script to write my novel for me.

Well, I did. I wrote around the end of November, but I never actually published what wrote for me. So here it is…

Enjoy some of the excerpts below, and then download a PDF of the whole thing…

     Jello sysadmin macdink teergrube xreffing boga. Predominantly regexp hangs visionaries. Garbage insist FTPing nroff spamhauses plingnets. Vannevar By lobbyists clone spells feepping RETIed segmenting. Tense segfaults thunk Datamation chose BLTs. Mustard arrived stiffy inexcusable shame TELNET able warez. Modding FidoNets life dump frednets. Con derf Ks for users liked postings. Productive code gweeps boinked bouncing card. Loop robustest tronning flock Now gopher faith spamblock we. Competition baz hue lag. Realer prisons fairingses kits cats superloser proglet old RTM. Hollised Given Katrina gophers elvish rehi. Attempt frogging candidacy visionaries. BSOD skulkers Dyson sphere funkiest wibbles wetware eventually lexiphages. SEXes MEGOs within marketroid pocket universe awking.

I ended up using source text from various places… Text of Obama’s Speech: A More Perfect Union, 75 words every sci-fi fan should know, and I believe the Unofficial Jargon File Word Lists. At least that’s what my notes tell me… Here’s some more!

     Robots they’re foot roaches. Crunch download screwages bum inequalities. Pod short-term pessimals middle monstrosity. Skrogs CTSS values terminaks ENQ specific. Waldos muttered annoywares ping. Crank strudels seggies labor gas it shape. Emailing organized TANSTAAFL benefits puffing. Blocks Constitution truly GOSMACSes evidence. Prints flavorful clocked glorks ANSI primary latest dogwash flags. Students NMI arg passed psychedelicwares. Sharewares wonkiest frobnicating her chanop chrome posts. Spawn because blitters weedses simply. Prisons called rehi issues segfaults foregrounded blitters victories jolix. Risk whack dominated nine Trinity plonks. RTS snivitzes smoking society Berzerkeley.

Yeah… it’s that good!

Anyway, you can find the code here:

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Actually, I find this excerpt quite compelling:

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Of course, your Novel isn’t really formatted correctly. I’d love to see your script output something formatted to a manuscripting standard.

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