Open Source Jumble

I’m a fan of open source… I’m a user of open source… I’m still a believer in open source… but I don’t always use open source.

I’m a fan of open source… I’m a user of open source… I’m still a believer in open source… but I don’t always use open source. So by The Book of Doug, I’m a sinner…

I own/admin at least 5 Linux servers, have a Linux netbook, use Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, NeoOffice, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Adium, jEdit, VLC, ffmpeg, Audacity, Apache HTTP Server, WordPress, Drupal, and on and on… I’ve also contributed to open source software projects, typically not with code (since I’m just a hacker) but with support, add-ons, and even monetarily. I’ve written and released applications, code, scripts, and various media (photos, video, audio/music, words) under open source and open content licenses.

Look… I use Mac OS X, and I know it’s not open source… I’m a sinner. Please forgive me. I do my best by installing and promoting open source software on Mac OS X. Every Mac I set up has the best open source software on it for the user that will use it.

It’s still not enough. Doug wants me to try harder.

I’ve also worked towards putting on things like BarCampMilwaukee, in fact, we just had the 4th one, but Doug wasn’t happy because of “Microsoft putting their dirty paws on events like BarCampMilwaukee4…”

I’m not sure what they did, other than helped feed everyone there. Like all other sponsors, they supported the event financially, and go no special treatment in return. No keynote, no booth, no 20 foot wide banner. I heard no reports of Larry Clarkin forcing anyone to install Windows or insulting Linux. If anything, Brennan pushed more Microsoft propaganda my way, and he doesn’t even work for Microsoft! And Doug, I’ve asked open source companies, including Red Hat, to sponsor BarCampMilwaukee in the past, and never got any response.

Oh yeah, back to Doug… I like Doug, I really do… His intentions seem honorable, but he seems frustrated, and is convinced that talking to people won’t change things. Still, he writes a blog post about it. Doug, don’t give up! Talk is cheap, but discussion has value! Try talking to people, not at them, and follow it all up with action, but be nice about it. Nobody likes a jerk talking at them, but plenty of people like a friend talking to them.

Now go open some source and bridge that open-closed divide!

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I’m going to write a longer response in a bit. I’ve got it mostly written, but a quick few things first (you know it’s not like me to be quick about things!).

“So by The Book of Doug, I’m a sinner…” I appreciate the use of hyperbole, particularly before I get started on my National Novel Writing Month joint, but I just want to clear up that it’s inaccurate. I use plenty of proprietary software. My beef was with the session, not with you using proprietary software.

I was not suggesting BarCamp was in the wrong with the Microsoft session. I just don’t like them. BarCamp is not a libre software event and within its rights to have Microsoft involved. I don’t have to like it. Trust me, I’m as frustrated as you with Red Hat’s lack of interest in Madison/Milwaukee.

My initial complaint was simply I didn’t think the session provided much value and might even hurt libre software. It wasn’t an attack on you or Gabe or BarCamp in general. I just thought it had a good chance of turning people away from libre software. I also thought that the time would be better spent fixing the problems we all three (you, Gabe and I) all know exist. Even though I am going to respond more in full since I think it’s good for us to get on the same page even if we disagree, I do think we could all be coding (or designing, I’ve heard complaints about the Fedora artwork…though I’ve also heard people defend it too), so I’m going to leave it at that. I’ll see you next week.

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