Donations will now be accepted…

Donations will now be accepted...

Due to popular demand (one person asked for it) you can now donate money directly to RasterWeb!

What will this money be used for? To guilt me into posting more.

Yeah… that’s the brutally honest truth. Beyond that, I promise nothing.

Keep in mind, I’ve been doing this since 1997. How many other blogs have been publishing for that long, without giving up, quitting, going away, being deleted, getting “lost” on someone else’s hard drive or domain or whatever.

Also, I originally mistyped the title as “Donations will not be accepted…” which I think would have been a more amusing title.

3 replies on “Donations will now be accepted…”

I think its good to see you getting back to your roots.
Without sounding overly mushy, I’ll just say that the tone you write with on (and in most other cases) is unique, upbeat, empowering and refreshing. It’s so much better than the overly sarcastic and smarmy and/or personal poetry dumping grounds that a lot of other blogs have become these days.

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