Google Account Password Recovery


I got the following screen when logging in to Google (to use a third-party service) and I was glad to see it. I can’t remember the last time I saw this, but I think it’s something Google should show more often.

If you want to deal with this information right now, you can log into Google, go to My Account, and then Personal Settings, and then click on Change password recovery options. Make sure you’ve got at least one recovery email listed there (more would be better) and if you trust Google with your phone number, provide that as well, for SMS recovery.

While you’re in there, why not look at the data Google is storing with your account, as well as any websites you’ve authorized to access your information. These are probably things people don’t check very often, but should. Also, take a look at your dashboard now to get an idea of how much of your data Google has…

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Please help me to locate my password on my cell phone,
my account is ( )cannot be open,I’m so frustrating, if you can help that is great,Hope to hear from you soon thank you.



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