Another Fail

Disqus Fail

I know I’m in a small minority, but I actually like having things under my control. My web site, and even my comments… and if they fail, well, they fail. Everything fails at some point, but I guess I feel more comfortable knowing that when things fail there is at least some chance I can do something to fix it. Reboot the database server, reboot the web server.. something. When a cloud(ish) service fails, I just feel totally helpless. Like some kitten in a silly photo.

Kittens in a Bowl on a Scale

And while it’s fun to look at silly photos of kittens if you’re not the kitten, it may not be as much fun if you are the kitten.

(And yes, I am aware of the irony in this post, life is an ironic thing, or so I’m told.)

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