I Googled Apple

I Googled Apple

I swear I won’t use the word “evil” or “conspiracy” in this post, but…

This seems weird to me. I used Google to search for “Apple, Inc.” and I got a search result for “” with the title showing “Apple Computer, Inc.”

Now, as you know, “Apple Computer, Inc.” recently changed it’s name to “Apple Inc.” so I wasn’t sure why Google showed it as “Apple Computer, Inc.” I then went to and the title of the page is just “Apple” not even “Apple Inc.”

So that begs the question… What’s up? If they indexed the page the same as they index every other site on the web, why does it not match? Is Apple feeding a different result to the Googlebot? (A quick test with Perl’s LWP::UserAgent says probably not.) So really… what’s going on? I’d like to know…

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Great question Pete. My initial reaction is that it’s a snippet from Google. I’m not sure how Apple was showing up previously in the SERPs but I’ve had a few clients that have snippets replace short titles like “apple”. The odd thing is that typically snippets are generated by text contained in , , or tags and I couldn’t find “Apple Computer, Inc” anywhere in the code.

They just had a huge algo update that places more emphasis on big brands, maybe this is a residual effect?

I also search the code for “Apple Computer, Inc” and found nothing. (Also, looks like some tags in your comment got stripped… sorry about that!)

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