Wooden Cameras

Photojojo Wooden Camera Gift Set

Did you see this Wooden Camera Gift Set over at Photojojo? It’s pretty damn cute. I mean, a wooden camera…. who would come up with that!?

But wait… I present to you… a Wooden Camera!

This isn’t a “Wooden Camera Gift Set” but it is a “Wooden Camera Gift” because this is the present that my kids gave me for my birthday back in June.

I’m pretty sure they never saw the “Wooden Camera Gift Set” mentioned since: 1. Photojojo mentioned it in October, and 2. They don’t subscribe to the newsletter. Why do they not subscribe? Heck if I know!

This camera is black, which means it’s a “professional camera” and it shows a photo of me from my younger days (possibly taken by senator dingdong) which depicts me shoving something into my face. Probably birthday cake. Also, mine came with a case, which is also black, which means it’s a “professional case” obviously.

Whenever my kids ask what I want for my birthday, I usually respond “Whatever, you don’t have to buy me anything, just make me something!” so I’m glad that they finally did make me something… and, they also made me proud. :)