Twitter Monkey

Twitter Monkey

Behold… the Arduino Powered Twitter Monkey!

The Twitter Monkey is powered by an Arduino and two servo motors. He patiently monitors Twitter for a specified keyword, and when he sees that keyword, he goes bananas, flapping his arms up and down like a maniac. (For his debut at Web414, the keyword is web414.)

Twitter Monkey was made possible with materials from Adafruit Industries and the local Dollar Tree. The code is heavily based on Alertuino code from MCQN Ltd., creator of the Bubblino.

Update: There’s also a video.

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Very cool. I really enjoy playing with my arduino and trying out cool things with it. I could see where I could use this with nagios to alert me when a server is broken much better than a blinking light to get my attention.

Can you post the instructions? I saw this at the maker open house today in milwaukee?

Thanks you

Patrick, I’ve been meaning to clean up the code and release it… I’ll try to do that soon. Also, the video shows a bit of the actual construction…

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