Top 5 Email Subject Lines of the Week


  1. Your Music’s Good, But Are Your Band Photos Holding You Back?
    Translation: You rock, but you’re ugly. No, really, it’s not my photos holding me back. In fact, I think my photos are better than my music. Maybe my music is holding me back… I prefer to just read the first 3 words of the subject line and then stop there.

  2. Your package is on its way
    I always enjoy getting an email with this subject… as long as it’s legit. (You know, lasers, 23″ displays, etc.) If this were a spam email it could take on a whole new meaning… Hey-oooh!

  3. Give Dad the Gift of Great Taste!
    My family knows me, and by now they know that I’m pretty set in my ways and they can’t give me great taste.

  4. Jeremy Ampe started DJing at I have bad taste in music.
    Jeremy is one of the masterminds behind MKEPunk. I ‘m not sure if he named this room, but it’s a pretty funny name.

  5. I’m thinking of doing something “stupid” and following in your footsteps and seek a few minutes of your time
    The best email subject line should do 3 things: compliment you, inform you, and insult you. This one does all three!

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