More fun with captchas

I’ve been known to deal with captchas over the years, but today while posting something on Facebook, I got one that made me pause…


Well that’s new! I’ve never had one with the text flipped upside down before… but in the world of captchas, there’s always room for improvement.

Being a smart-ass literal person, I headed over to to make sure I got it right. I mean, I didn’t want to just type in “they” right-side up, as that wouldn’t be correct. (Right?)

There we go… Confident I successfully entered the words in the captcha, I hit submit.

And it worked.

I wasn’t sure whether to be surprised or satisfied.

But I was left wondering if just typing in “they” right-side up would have worked.

3 replies on “More fun with captchas”

I believe recaptcha only checks one of the two words they present. In this case, I’d guess it was “viesor” and not “????” because the whole idea is about using human power to translate words that the machines do incorrectly. Machines are unlikely to read ???? correctly.

It would have worked. I know because I got the same one and was too lazy couldn’t remember how to flip text so I just entered it in.

I have begun to suspect that it kinda doesn’t matter if you get it right or wrong, it’s the attempt that matters. They’ve probably got like a 50%-accurate algorythm in place.

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