Another Button

(Another) Button

Button Parts

I totally failed…. I said I was going to try to go a week without making anything, and then I ended up finishing this button I was building.

And yes… it’s another button.

Oh well, I tried!

At least I didn’t paint this one. Really, that’s the most time consuming part of building one of these. (This one is going to someone else, so they may be painting it.)

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4 replies on “Another Button”

Can you recommend a tutorial for painting these? I used a similar die cast aluminum box for a guitar pedal I built and I’m getting mighty sick of it’s nakedness. I liked the finish on the first button (at least it looked great in the photos!)

hmmm, Just the standard spray painting rules: Get it as clean as possible, and do as many light coats as you can until it looks good. I even used the cheapest spray paint I could buy at Menards, some generic/store brand. If your pedal is nicked or scratched from use at all, I’d maybe use some 600 sandpaper to smooth everything out real nice. The original button looks pretty good, but if you really inspect it closely, you can see a few imperfections.

Oh wow, just spray paint eh? Sure fooled me into thinking it was more elaborate than that!!! I thought it was powder coated from the photos of the original button.

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