South Shore Frolics Parade

South Shore Frolics Parade

Here ye, here ye! Which I think means the same thing as “Yo!” I just wanted to remind you about the South Shore Frolics Parade happening on Saturday, July 16th, 2011, because this year, besides being (as always) totally awesome, it will be even more awesomer due to the fact that the Milwaukee Makerspace will be involved in it.

There’s one of those fancy Facebook pages with more info, and this old fashioned retro web site at (It’s OK that the site is retro, as it brings you back to your childhood, and memories of attending the frolics when you were just a wee lad.)

But seriously folks, this is Milwaukee’s best parade. The Video Villain will tell you so himself.

And as for what the Milwaukee Makers have in store for it? Well, let’s just say it’s top secret, but all will be revealed at the parade. We hope to see you there!