Google+ Puppet Hangout

Google+ Puppet Hangout

Recently while doing a Google+ Hangout, I put one of my puppets in front of my camera for a while and thought nothing of it. But then… inspiration struck! A hangout consisting of nothing but puppets!

I thought this was the perfect excuse for people who had excuses about being uncomfortable on camera. I mean, to some degree we are all hiding behind our keyboards when we post online, but with video… bam! It’s your face, right there, nothing to hide behind. That makes some people uncomfortable… send in the puppets!

So thus was born the first Google+ Puppet Hangout.

I’d love it if others did this as well… Here’s my suggestion. Post the following along with the hangout:

By joining this hangout you consent to letting me take a screen shot of it and post it on the internets… Puppet Hangout FTW!!!

I’d hope no one has an issue with a photo of their puppet being posted. And yes, I want to see the pictures! Share them please. :)

One weird thing was, when we got up to five people, I started to forget who was who, which was really interesting. Oh, I know there’s been great debate over store-bought vs. hand-made puppets, but I say anything goes. And as for silly voices? Encouraged!

Go forth now people, and let a thousand Puppet Hangouts bloom!

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