Unsubscribe (Temporarily)

Unsub (Temp)

I got an email from Think Geek with something I’ve never seen before. (And no, it wasn’t the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag!)

It was a link in the email to temporarily unsubscribe until after the holidays.

I think it’s brilliant… and I think it shows that there is still room for innovative ideas in something as mundane as email marketing. I mean, I can understand how a company may want to ramp up before the holidays, especially if it’s a niche business consisting of a lot of wacky items, but seeing email after email with updates about shipping and specials and sales can be a bit much.

Want a break? No problem! Unsubscribe until the end of the year and we’ll see you next year.

I think this idea is similar to what I was going for in Users vs. Accounts vs. Signer-Uppers and Do you want to continue?