I heard you like cameras…

GoPro Mount

Yo dawg, I heard you like cameras, so I put a camera on your camera so you can take pictures of taking pictures…

Occasionally 3D printing is accused of being useless, or worse, silly. Well this is anything but silly, and it’s certainly not useless.

GoPro Mount

By combining the hot shoe mount I recently printed along with this Female GoProHD Mount we’ve got the camera-on-a-camera thing down like nobody’s business.

GoPro Mount

So yeah, camera on camera action, courtesy of 3D printing. Yeehaw.

But seriously folks, one of the great things about open 3D printing is that combos and mashups are quite common, and since we’ve first jammed a piece of chocolate into a hunk of peanut butter, sometimes things just go better together.

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hey, how is the audio quality on the hero 3? I have the 2, and it sounds like … something not great. Everything about the 3 looks great, but I wondered if they were able to fix the audio.

steve, to be honest, I’ve not gotten into testing the audio yet. Most of my shooting so far has been time lapse via photos or b-roll type footage.

For a couple of years we have been mounting HD GOPROS and various camcorders and even a Sony NEX under our main DSLRs–we love the intimate video:–_NJ_pE77M

here’re some stills of the mount for shooting stills and video at the same time:

we’ve been wondering when will photographers start mounting gopros and other cameras on their dslrs to capture video throughout the shoot? we’ve been trying such things for a couple years with amazing video results! we call it 9shooting or 45surfing with a 9shooter or 45surfer :)

the less we edit the video, the more our fans love them, as it takes them to the photoshoot. :)

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