Spect Image Browser

Browsing images without any help from Adobe…

As I continue to move away from Adobe products (I mentioned Affinity Photo a few months ago) I’ve still been using Adobe Bridge because it’s installed and it works fine, but will break in the future, so… replacement time!

I looked at a few Mac OS X based image browsers and found Spect. There’s a free trial so I gave it a whirl, and then shelled out $4.99 for it. So far I think I’ve got my money’s worth. I like that it can browse a top-level folder and also do a deep scan into sub-folders and show them all in one view.

My only concern is that it may not see updates and may die. There’s a bug where it does not seem to know about Recent Folders, it doesn’t really show any metadata, and the author is probably a little busy with other things.

Still, it works well for now… until I find something better.