Sleep Report for July 2021

CPAP usage data via OSCAR to track my CPAP usage…

July looks good by the numbers.. 100% compliant, which means I used my CPAP machine for at least 4 hours each night. While using the machine while sleeping is the goal, it doesn’t mean that I’m getting good sleep, or enough sleep.

I averaged 6h15m of sleep per night in July (June was 6h36m and May was 7h06m). While these numbers are good, I know that in reality I often lie awake in the morning, mask on, unable to sleep. It’s often around 4:30am or later, which means I’ve got my 4 or 5 hours of sleep, but then I’m not sleeping buy still masking. Often I give up by 5am, get up and… go lie down elsewhere in the house. I don’t fall asleep again, even though I’m still pretty tired.

Lately when I’m up at 5am I make some Pocket Operator jams, so at least I can be creative, do something I enjoy doing, and not just stare at my mobile and scroll the morning away.