Sleep Report for Sep/Oct 2021

CPAP usage data via OSCAR to track my CPAP usage…

Two for one! October has been so busy I never got to upload the September data, so here it is along with October, which is almost over as of the time of this publication. again, the important thing to remember here is that this is the time my CPAP is in operation, which means I may or may not be sleeping. My normal routine is that I fall asleep quickly, sleep a few hours, then wake up and if I’m lucky I fall asleep again and if not… I call it a night, leave the room, and go find another place to lie down and rest.

I made a real effort to attempt to fall back asleep again when I awake, and I think it’s been working better. I’ve also made a number of life changes in October than are probably the reason for better sleep this month. I hope the trend continues. (More info in another post.)

Overall though, good trends! I only had one night in October that was under 6 hours and one under 5 hours. These are similar results to what I was seeing in May & June. (June had a few bad nights due to travel.) Anyway, sleep well, my friends!