Wyze Cam Magnetic Shelf

Sometimes you want to stick your magnetic camera to a 90 degree surface like a door…

I needed to mount my Wyze Cam to a metallic door but still wanted it upright (and not sideways) so I made a small shelf, added magnets, and stuck the metal plate that came with the camera onto it.

I used 12mm x 3mm magnets, so the pockets are for that specific size. I didn’t glue them in as they fit really well, but did add some gaff tape so they don’t fall out.

If you’re familiar with OpenSCAD you can modify the .scad file to allow for different size magnets. I seem to have a large pile of 12mm x 3mm so I just used those.

The metal plate that comes with Wyze Cam has a mounting hole in the center but also has adhesive, so I just stuck it right onto the shelf. It should stay put just fine. (I probably could have used a few washers as well, but I have a few of these plates now.)

You can get the STL and .scad file from – Wyze Cam Magnetic Shelf. Print it if you need it!

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