AutoValidator 0.2.5

I thought I should actually get around to releasing the AutoValidator… From the README:

This is the AutoValidator, a program that can help you make sure your web
pages are valid.

The AutoValidator takes a list of URLs from a text file, and checks them
using the W3C MarkUp Validator. You can use the W3C’s validator located at
<> or you can install the W3C's validator on your
own server, as the source code is available:

This is what the sample output looks like, but it’s quite customizable. Don’t expect state of the art OOP code here, it’s just more of the same old Perl-hackery, but it works for me…

If you’re a validation nut, and find it useful, let me know

(Note: AutoValidator 0.2.6 fixes a very minor bug, not worth upgrading, but grab this instead if you’re a first timer.)