AutoValidator 0.2.5

I thought I should actually get around to releasing the AutoValidator… From the README:

This is the AutoValidator, a program that can help you make sure your web
pages are valid.

The AutoValidator takes a list of URLs from a text file, and checks them
using the W3C MarkUp Validator. You can use the W3C’s validator located at
<> or you can install the W3C's validator on your
own server, as the source code is available:

This is what the sample output looks like, but it’s quite customizable. Don’t expect state of the art OOP code here, it’s just more of the same old Perl-hackery, but it works for me…

If you’re a validation nut, and find it useful, let me know

(Note: AutoValidator 0.2.6 fixes a very minor bug, not worth upgrading, but grab this instead if you’re a first timer.)


Validator 0.6.5

The W3C MarkUp Validator has been updated

Just in time for me to try an install under Panther…

Now, if people actually read the User’s guide and Help & FAQ we could cut down on the number of people asking about ampersands and referers