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Bucketworks Radio Commercial

Occasionally at Z2 Marketing, I engineer radio commercials. If you still listen to commercial radio, you may have heard one of them!

Well yesterday I was communicating with Jenn from Bucketworks, and we somehow came up with an idea to create a radio commercial for Bucketworks. Gabe agreed to be the voice, and Dana from Z2 Marketing re-wrote Gabe’s script, which was loosely based on my idea, which was way too long (but very amusing) so the results is below…

I love the fact that an idea can go from concept to completion within just a few hours. Granted, it helps when you have all the facilities at your disposal, and people willing to help. When creative people work together, good things can happen.

You can download an MP3 of this commercial, or an alternate version with no background music.

If you do a podcast, or a radio show, we’d love for you to play it. Thanks!



I’ve been using Flickr for a few years now, as well as publishing but a loose binding occurred in January 2007 when the Oconomowoc Group on Flickr was born.

It took quite some time, but it looks like we’ll actually have a real life event. We’ve scheduled a photowalk for Sunday, November 18th, 2007. We plan to meet at 10AM at the gazebo on Fowler Lake, and then do a walk around the lake, taking many photos. Join us, it’ll be a fun time, and you’ll get to walk past my house. I might even tell you which one it is.

River West #1

Maybe we’ll see some photos of Oconomowoc that aren’t taken by myself or the few other members who regularly post. I’m even bringing the kids along, and each will have a camera with them to capture things from the “kid point of view.”

Gabe Wollenburg (friend of managed to get some press in the local papers about the event, so who knows? We might have some newcomers show up. If all goes well, we can try to do this more often, maybe every month or so, until we run out of cool places in Oconomowoc to walk around and snap pictures of. (Like that will happen!)


Oh, Hai Pete

Remember when I mentioned a song I recorded called Shelf Life? Sure you do…

Well anyway, thanks to the Creative Commons license I used (Attribution) others can put it to use, and now someone has…

Gabe has just uploaded Oh, Hai Pete, a little number he sent me via email last week, which I somehow talked him into publishing for real.