Spring Gallery Night 2012 Time Lapse

Our old pal Time Lapse Bot is back! And this time he visited Bucketworks for Spring Gallery Night 2012. Watch as the guys from Milwaukee Makerspace wow the crowd with their amazing making skills…

You can also view this video at The musical soundtrack is “Bogi Beat Budapest” by Budapest BluesBoy (feat. Church Choir Sv. Troica – furkosbot – presserror) and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License.


The Arc-O-Matic Drawing Machine


Once again Gallery Night was a blast… This time myself and the Milwaukee Makerspace guys joined forces with Bucketworks and showed the art-lovers of Milwaukee what we do. (Make things!)

Since both Drawbots were busy at the Art Milwaukee Wedding event, I needed something new to show. (And yes, I did say “both” because there are now two rolling drawbots.)

Anyway, I saw this blog post over a year ago, and made a mental note to explore the idea more, and I did, and the result is the Arc-O-Matic: a robotic drawing arm that makes arcs. Well, that’s basically what it does at this point. See the Arc-O-Matic project page for all the details.

People seem to really like seeing machines that draw, which means I’ll probably keep on exploring the world of art robots.

File Under: FUN.

(Also, if anyone knows who I can talk to at Sharpie about a sponsorship, I’d appreciate it!)



Whew, it’s been a little crazy these past few weeks… Here’s a quick recap.

I started off May by declaring it Processing Month. I ended up doing well for a while, but things got quiet near the end of May. That’s not to say I wasn’t doing anything, as I was actually working on a Processing application that will be part of my show at Bay View Gallery Night.

Controller (in progress)

That’s all I’ll say about that right now. If you want to see it, come to the Milwaukee Makerspace June 3rd, 2011, otherwise, I’ll post more about it next week.

Speaking of the Milwaukee Makerspace, I may be working with Make:Live on their June 8th, 2011 show to do a live call-in from the space. That should be cool… assuming it all works. As much as the Internet provides a good amount of magic, it’s the kind of magic that doesn’t always work.

Speaking of Make, they had a nice little post about my Photo Booth project. Which, by the way, will also be at the Milwaukee Makerspace for Gallery Night. (Seriously, I may need to get a trailer for the CR-V soon!)

Egg-Bot at Higher Learning Day

Speaking of eggs, I also joined Sean from Milwaukee Makerspace to do a “Higher Learning” day at an elementary school, which included demoing the Egg-Bot all day long. It was fun but exhausting. Kids have a lot of energy, and more than one told me they were “unpatient” whatever that is…

And because that’s not enough going on, we’re also doing the second PhotoCampMilwaukee on June 4th, 2011.

The next few months may have a few more surprises in store, they might not all be good, but I’m sure it’ll be an adventure… Happy motoring!