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McCain’s Playlist

Don’t ask me how I got this, cuz I can’t tell you… but reliable sources tell me this is John McCain’s playlist…

  1. Kill the Poor – Dead Kennedys
  2. Let’s Start a War – The Exploited
  3. You’re My Miss Washington, D.C. – Nation of Ulysses
  4. War Pigs – Black Sabbath
  5. Cops of the World – Phil Ochs
  6. Mount The Pavement – Born Against
  7. My War – Black Flag
  8. Night of the Living Dead – The Misfits
  9. Suspect Device – Stiff Little Fingers
  10. They Must Want to Die – D.I.
  11. Hate & War – The Clash
  12. Is She Really Going Out With Him? – Joe Jackson

Who knew he had such good taste in music?


My First Freelance Job

Emma was playing an online game, and she was telling me how much it would cost to furnish her house, and how much it cost for a couch, a rug, etc. and finally she say “Hey, I earned $1000 but I didn’t get the money!” to which I had to reply “What are you, a freelancer?”

Har har har…


I ran out for a byte

My brother is funny…

I’ve seen at least a few IM status messages that say something like “Sorry, I ran out for a bit!” which I’m guessing is a default for some client out there, but I noticed my brother’s status message today:

I ran out for a byte.

Nice one… (And yes, he is a computer nerd…)


Java/Ruby Joke

Hey, I’ve got a joke for you!

Q: What do you call a future Ruby programmer?

A: A Java programmer!

(Check back in a year and see how this joke has aged…)