pbox update

Well, it looks like Jaguar (aka Mac OS X 10.2) on the PowerBook won’t happen. I tried to install last week, and got the dimmed screen effect. So actually I might be able to install it, I just won’t be able to see anything. I’ve searched and searched and it seems that Wallstreet users can either get it to work, or not get it to work, but there doesn’t seem to be a fix for the ones it doesn’t work on. On the upside, looks like I’ll be getting a working battery soon, so even though I can’t currently put it to sleep, it shouldn’t think it’s the 1970’s every now and then.

So it looks like we’re stuck at Mac OS X 10.1.5, which isn’t so bad, considering what I paid for it. Sure, we’d like features like S-Video out to work, but we can’t afford to be picky right now…


Mac OS X, Hyatt, pbase

Let’s see:
10.2 – 10.1.5 = 0.0.5
0.0.5 = $129
If the math seems off to you, let them know

Oh, that Hyatt is funny… is a cool idea. Lots of interesting photos to be found…

Today’s fun involved the Text::Template perl module. Every day of fun should involve at least one perl module. Don’t you think?

Well, I went from having no boss to having two bosses. One is on the east coast, one is down south, I’m in the midwest… Things should be interesting…


Open-Source Software

For your friends still using Windows: Open SSH on Windows and FileZilla – The open source FTP client… I wish FileZilla, or some other nice, graphical, open-source ftp client was available for Mac OS X… I’ve yet to find one…

Of course for Mac OS X geeks check out Marc Liyanage’s Software section…

And for the Fink users out there, we have FinkCommander, a GUI for Fink.

Weblog-related: Memento is a lightweight knowledge management system based on the principles of memetics, the theory of memes. Naturally, to facilitate distribution of the Memento meme itself, this project is entirely open source.

Has anyone used stumbleupon?

I heard from Mike Chubbuck (of Silent Scream fame) last week, he says he’s got lots of neat stuff to tell me… Stay tuned!