Hipster (Doofus) PDA

It happened innocently enough. I had some index cards, and I started writing things on them. They were better than scraps of paper because they were more sturdy, and when I tossed them in my backpack, they didn’t get all crumpled up.

I kept putting these loose index cards into the front pocket of my backpack, and every now and then I’d take them out, look through them, rearrange them, and put them back. No problem.

Then I thought, maybe if I put a binder clip on them, they’d all stay together, and I could even put them in order. Wham! That was it. Before I even knew it, I was a Hipster Doofus with an index card/binder clip PDA

Hipster (Doofus) PDA

Of course mine does have 1GB of flash memory, which I find quite handy…