Frozen Ink?

I’m pretty sure the ink in my Epson 777 inkjet printer is not actually frozen, but I’m wondering if the cold affects the ink. See, we keep it pretty cold in the house (lower heating bills!) and in the office where the printer sits, it’s cold. About a week ago, I tried to print a few pages, and all I got was faint lines on the page. I tried to clean the heads, recalibrate, etc. but no luck. I ended up putting in a new color cartridge, and that did the trick.

This week, the same thing happened again. Keep in mind that the printer worked fine just 3 days ago, and that we normally don’t print everyday. So today I got the same problem, nothing but faint lines, even after head cleaning and many tries.

So is my ink too cold? I think I may try to warm up the cartridges and put them back in the printer to see if that has any effect.