Oh sure, I thought perhaps Spatulacasting would be the Cool New Thing, but now it looks like Speedvlogging is going to be it

Well, those wacky videoblogging fools at We Are The Media did a Speedvlogging Challenge!

The results:

I like the speedvlogging idea because over time, as you create something (be it text, audio, or video) I think you sometimes tend to become too critical of your own work, and almost hesitant to put it out there, perhaps for worry that it doesn’t live up to your previous work, or some level of standard you’ve set for yourself. The important thing though, is to keep creating. Stay creative and productive in your work! If something doesn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it to, that’s ok, move on to the next idea. Isn’t there a saying about ideas being useless, because it’s all in the execution of those ideas?


DVD at Last!

Quite a while ago I ordered a DVD drive for my old PowerMac G4, and after sitting in a box for roughly two months, I finally installed it. (It was the drive sitting in a box, not me.)

SpongeBob and Patrick

What’s that now? A screenshot of a DVD playing on my Mac? But how? I remember telling my cousin years ago that Apple’s DVD Player application prevented you from taking screenshots, but there were some 3rd-party apps that could probably do it. Much to my surprise, none was needed! I’m still using 10.3.x but the following worked for me:

screencapture ~/Desktop/dvd.pdf

And bango! A PDF on the desktop. It’s the whole screen, not just the DVD being displayed, but it’s a start… (I probably got the idea from, as there are many other capture suggestions there as well.)


Upload Video

The question was asked “where can I upload my video to?” as in, what (free) services will host my video files?

(Thanks to sull for the list.)

Personally, I use Ourmedia. It’s easy to select a Creative Commons license for your work, and they use The Internet Archive for the file storage. You could just use The Internet Archive, but Ourmedia adds nice features on top of it, including the fact that your uploads are available (almost) immediately instead of having to wait hours or days…

As for the others listed, I’m not really too familar with them. Just be sure to check their term of service. With some of them, you may be giving up rights you don’t want to in exchange for them hosting your file, or they may disappear someday taking your videos with them. It’s a tradeoff you’ll have to weigh in your final decision.

Don’t forget to see Freevlog for the steps leading up to the question of “where can I upload my video to?”


The Vidster

Since my Pixelator isn’t quite working as well as it used to, perhaps the Vidster would be a good replacement…

The big question is, do you get that “Pixelvision quality” that so many video artists are after. Without that, what’s the point!?