Processing: WordCram


Today in Processing we won’t even show you a sketch, but we will talk about Processing, and sharing, and code.

So part of the fun of doing this “Processing Month” thing has been in sharing my exploration. Make no mistakes, I’m not an expert at Processing, not even close… I’m pretty much a newbie. That’s OK though, because I like to learn as I go.

It seems strange that it’s only been a week since I posted my Overlapping Ovals sketch, because I’ve already learned things since then, and would do it differently today. Lucky for me, a guy named Dan Bernier left a comment. And it was encouraging. And he left a link that pointed me to, which is described as: open-source word clouds for Processing.

So I grabbed WordCram and tested it out. (The results are in the image above.)

After installing the WordCram library, I took a look at the examples, and took the first one (firstnamesUsingWordPresets) and tweaked it just a bit, and fed it my own word list. My list consisted of the tags from this blog, and the number of times they appear. (See the file here.) I did remove any words that were only used once.

If you’re intimidated by Processing, you shouldn’t be… it’s fairly easy to get started, and there are lots of great example sketches out there. If that’s not enough, I hear that some guys in Milwaukee are planning a Processing class to help get other folks up to speed. :)

Stay Tuned!