I’ve been rolling my own (or trying to) for quite some time now, and I still am not happy with my calendaring solution…

Let’s see, I started with Sunbird, and then added in Upcoming.org (even helped fix a bug) and eventually settled on Thunderbird and Lightning.

Well, Thunderbird and Lightning and iCal and an AppleScript to make sure iCal updates my calendar before iSync syncs it with my Nokia 7610… Did you get all that? Does it sound insane?

I’m all for crazy hacks if the end result is what I want/need, but I also like simple/elegant solutions, so I’m shopping around. I looked at Google Calendar, but I don’t like it. I tried to add in my own calendar, which is stored on my server and accessible via WebDAV, but it didn’t like that. Then later is seemed to like it, but it doesn’t consider that ‘My Calendar’ because it considers the one stored on Google’s server as ‘My Calendar.’ That’s not what I want… I can view my real calendar, but I can’t seem to make edits, and edits I make elsewhere do not seem to update. Google Calendar just plain doesn’t work for me. Google Calendar == no damn good.

Next I gave 30boxes a try. By the looks of the app, the folks behind it really “get it” as far as how the web works. Again, if you have simple needs, 30boxes might work for you, but when I added my real calendar under ‘My Web Calendars’ it showed up, screwed up some events, and doesn’t seem to refresh or allow me to edit my real calendar. Other than those issues, 30boxes looks pretty nice. Sigh…

So is the only answer a display-only solution? (I was doing that with PHP iCalendar like 3+ years ago, and it wasn’t ideal then.)

Is there any web-based calendaring app that will let me use my own .ics file stored on my server and made accessible via WebDAV?

One Response to “Calendaring: Still not there…”

  1. HaroldNo Gravatar says:

    I too have been struggling with that and will stay with iCal for now.

    The new Darwin Calendar Server (http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/collaboration) looks like it might be the answer to our problems once Leopard comes out.

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