Why Scuttle is neat

Remember Of course you do! You probably use it daily… Don’t we all?

Remember Of course you do! You probably use it daily… Don’t we all?

Heck, long ago I even proclaimed that is neat. gosh, I even wrote some nasty code named, and some people even used it. was a hack, and it’s got some problems, but with many things, it’s just a proof of concept to me. (Note: It’s a massive memory hog since it builds a lot of large hashes in memory while running.)

So what does this all have to do with Scuttle? See, Scuttle is neat. It’s bascially a GPL‘d clone written in PHP using MySQL. There is also, which uses Rubric, which is written in Perl. Now, I’m a perl guy and installing Rubric was a royal PITA for me, so I gave up on it quickly. Scuttle on the other hand, was dead simple. (Grab the 0.5.0 version from cvs though.)

You could use either the or Scuttle web sites, where you get to leverage the social aspect of these apps, but are at the mercy of things you don’t control, or you could install Scuttle on your own server and control it, but lose the social aspect… What do to? Behold! Scuttle supports the API! This opens up a world of possibilities…

  • Use as your primary source, and Scuttle (the site or your own install) as a backup.
  • Use Scuttle as your primary source, and write code to sync everything to (except the entries marked as ‘private’ which Scuttle supports but does not.
  • Install Scuttle inside the firewall for others in your workgroup to use.
  • Hack up Scuttle to do crazy things, slap it on a server and try to build a Web 2.0 business around it.

Ok, that last one is (sort of ) a joke, but the point is, for most of the complaints I’ve heard about, you can probably solve them with some combination of all of these things. servers down, or too slow, or doesn’t support private bookmarks? Scuttle not social enough, not enough users, lacking features? Fix, fix, fix…. (Need more ideas? See How to Make Delicious Not Suck.)

Code? Yes, I have some code… Right now my code pulls the entries from my account and syncs them to my Scuttle account, as well as a local install of Scuttle. I should get around to cleaning it up and releasing it, I just want to run it for a bit first to see if it behaves well…

Open-source, and just as important, open API‘s make it all possible. It’s exciting stuff!

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pass the code along ;-) … have everything in imported into scuttle… flock does not have ability yet to add scuttle to the favorites management….

I love the category dropdown but don’t like going to Since creates an RSS feed for your lnks, can’t you simply call that from your blog?

It seems that the tagging service,, was lacking adequate searching. According to Tech Crunch,’s search feature has been expanded.

@Stephanie_B, provides an RSS feed of the X most recent items, but I’ve got over 2000 items in, so getting them into Scuttle required using an API to access all the posts, not just the most recent, because I just don’t want the X most recent on my blog, I want a complete and full backup of my data in a nice useable format.

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