MagpieRSS: RSS for… JSP?

Magpie RSS is a feed parser written in PHP. It’s easy to use and follows the does what you want it to do…

Magpie RSS is a feed parser written in PHP. It’s easy to use and does what you want it to do. And as long as you’re using PHP (and PHP is working right) you’re golden.

Unfortunately, I need something just like Magpie RSS, but for JSP.

I’ve found two articles from 2003, one titled Using RSS in JSP pages and one titled RSS Utilities: A Tutorial. That first one mentions the Informa RSS Library for Java which looks interesting, but also worries me because 3 months ago their news page had this:

We started working on the next Informa, which will besides other modernisations based on Hibernate 3 and no longer depend on XDoclet. The core code is going to be refactored, expect therefore that your old database scheme will have to be upgraded.

Yeah, that makes me want to dig into it today…. sigh…

(And don’t bother looking at the RSS JSP Tag Library as that project seems to have been around for more than 2 years without releasing anything.)

Any suggestions?

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ROME is a good choice and developed by some Sun employees. It appears to have momentum where Informa does not. Plus, their latest release supports ATOM 1.0.

I’ve just been using Rome on a project at work. It’s a great and easy-to-use parser and the recent 0.8 release supports Atom 1.0.

Er, just like Seth says :)

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