New Feedster?

Since Feedster has sucked for so long, figured I’d give it another try…

I somehow came across this post titled New Feedster Site…New Features! and since Feedster has sucked for so long, figured I’d give it another try.

I try a search for "rasterweb" and get a page showing 10 results. The first is for a spamblog. The next 6 are old podcasts I did in 2004, but don’t come from my feed, but from a feed named “Med 2 Lecture Test Podcast” that appears to have stolen my feed. Next is an actual link to this site and something I wrote!. We end the page with 2 more spamblogs. Is the purpose of Feedster to show you which spamblogs are stealing your content?

If I had any doubts before, I’m pretty sure now that Feedster is dead.

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I did a search for one of my blogs and not only did my blog not come up at all but their sponsors are apparently the E, M, h, and the number 1. Does Children’s Television Workshop have a VC fund?

Alan, the link you provided does indeed just limit to results by domain filtering, but I still don’t think getting so many spamblog results is acceptable. Maybe Feedster is on par with all the other search engines in it’s class, or maybe that’s just the way it works nowadays. I remember when Feedster was useful. Have the spamblogs ruined everything?

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