BarCampMilwaukee Part IX

BarCampMilwaukee is in 3 days… No, really… Sept. 30th / Oct 1st, 2006…

BarCampMilwaukee is in 3 days… No, really… That’s what Upcoming tells me. It also says there is a Pre-BarCampMilwaukee Dinner, and that during BarCampMilwaukee there will be a Mini-Mash Pit (which may consist of only me at this point!)

Since we last reviewed things we’ve gone up to almost 90 campers and gotten a lot more sponsorship. Right now we’ve got commitments from: C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions,, Digital Bootcamp, Inc., CA, MakaluMedia Group, MIT Club of Wisconsin, Microsoft, Z2 Marketing + Design, Rochambo Coffee & Tea House, and Time Warner Cable. These are the organizations who will help make BarCampMilwaukee rock!

There are also a ton of session ideas some which you might expect (Drupal, Microformats, Ruby on Rails) and some which sound just crazy (Remote Controlled Go Carts; if you’re not in control, you’re out of control, Democracy in Ancient Athens: Organization and Technology, Thermonuclear Fusion; a possible reactor design). Hmmm, I guess all the crazy ones have long titles.

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